Wedding PHoto Booth Rentals

Capture the big day forever

Weddings are a wonderful time.  And, having wedding photo booth rentals are a great addition to your reception.  As guests have the time they can create some moments on film.  They can give you a special message and capture the fun they are having with our wedding photo booth rentals.  Wedding photo booth rentals come all set up and ready to go.  We will go over a very brief explanation of how they work and the rest is up to you.  Our photo booth rentals come with a unique backdrop of your choice and are perfect in capturing those special moments.

All of these memories will be stored on a hard drive which we will upload to your very own online gallery to share with everyone.  Everyone always has a great time with our wedding photo booth rentals.  Enjoy a fun way to capture the memories today with our wedding photo booth rentals.

wedding photos


Family Photo Time!

Everyone will be there from both sides of the family, which is a perfect time for the families to get some family photos as well.  No need to hire a photographer to do all of this, when you can get a photo booth rental and do it yourself.  Once complete you will have a gallery of which you can share with the family so they too can save their precious memories.  Also, from the booth, they can share on social media and even email a copy to themselves.  There are fun props and you can add any sort of special effects you would like to the images.

This is all about fun, but you can also have some serious moments as well.  Taking family photos is time-consuming, however, why not get it done while you are all at a wedding together?  This is a fun, fast and easy way to capture the family!

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